Will you be in control of your retirement?

CCA Funds are mutual funds that give individuals the ability to dynamically target their mix of risk and return, while staying globally diversified. We believe that individuals are not institutions. Real people lead dynamic lives and they have unique needs. Institutions are static and one-size-fits-all. Yet virtually every mutual fund is built for institutions then re-marketed to individuals as an afterthought.

CCA Aggressive Return Fund Fact Sheet

What do CCA Funds offer?

  • For You

    Online planning tools for you to manage your retirement.

    Individual retirement account management if you want to automate the process.

  • For Your Business

    Design, implementation and ongoing management of corporate-defined contribution and defined benefit plans at no additional cost.

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Why We Are Different

  • You need a specific solution for your retirement accounts.

    Retirement accounts are different than your other accounts.

    IRAs, 401(k)s and Pension Plans provide important tax savings but lock up investments for a long time. You require a solution that minimizes their shortcomings and maximizes your benefits.

    Our strategy is built for your retirement assets.

  • Being smart about taxes is an important part of achieving your financial goals.

    In our opinion, based on current economic conditions, many taxpayers will see increases in their taxes in the future.

    Fortunately, money in your retirement accounts grows tax-free.

    Contributions to retirement accounts are limited; you want to make the most of these assets.

    We want to help you take advantage of this opportunity.

  • You know your time is valuable.
    Invest it wisely.

    We believe greater risks can be rewarded with higher returns.

    The longer you have until retirement, the more risk you can take - your time until retirement is an asset.

    Our solution tailors your risk/return level based on your circumstances to help you achieve your retirement goals.


How It Works

  • Investing should be different
    than gambling.

    We believe some investors try to predict the direction of the market and many of them fail.

    We don’t place bets with your retirement money or try to pick winners and losers.

    We believe betting creates unnecessary costs and risks.

  • Civilization is your ultimate investment.

    Our strategy adopts the theory that owning
    the world’s stocks and bonds is a dependable
    long-term investment strategy:

    • Global assets can grow with population
      and productivity
    • Risk is diversified across the world’s companies and governments
    • We believe the world will be always be worth more in the future
  • We hope these will be the last funds you’ll ever want to own.

    We built these funds to meet the challenge of planning for your retirement which may be years away.

    We can’t predict the future but we do think that the world will change.

    The CCA Funds are dynamically constructed. We use our technology to track the evolution of global markets on a daily basis.

    This allows you to always be exposed to the world’s opportunities.


The CCA Team

We are a team of PhDs, MBAs, Engineers and Financial Professionals who believe that global diversification is the best way to grow and save your money. We are dedicated to combining Modern Portfolio Theory and advanced computing technology to bring the best retirement solution to you.
  • Adam Checchi

    Portfolio Manager

    Adam oversees the management of CCA Funds, coordinating portfolio strategy, trade execution and marketing.

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  • Sam Pfister

    Portfolio Manager

    Sam develops and maintains proprietary statistical software systems to enable efficient, accurate and customizable portfolio construction.

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